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Fair Squared Condoms

NEW Fair Squared vegan condoms. Ethical condoms for guilt free pleasure.

Produced in Germany with fair traded natural rubber.

  • Vegan - traditionally the processing of latex, used to make condoms, has involved the use of casein, which is a protein found in curdled milk. Fair Squared condoms are now recognised as vegan by the Vegan Society and carry the Vegan Society logo.

  • Fair Trade – Fair Squared condoms are made from natural rubber latex sourced from Kerala in southern India under fair trade conditions, which ensures a fair deal for the producers and the environment. Producers receive a Fair Trade premium which is exclusively used for improving livelihoods and working conditions for the plantation workers.

  • Safe - Fair Squared condoms are guaranteed and certified with a CE mark. These are premium quality condoms that have been manufactured and tested to the highest possible International standard ISO 4074 so you can be certain they are every bit as safe as other brands.

  • The condoms are manufactured by a carbon neutral manufacturer based in Germany, meaning that the impact of these condoms on the environment is minimised.

Available in Original, Ultra Thin and Sensitive. Fair Squared condoms come in boxes of 10.

Manufacturer+ Product Image Item Name Price
Fair Squared Fair Squared Sensitive Condoms 10's

Fair Squared Sensitive Condoms 10's

Fair Squared Sensitive condoms - condoms without lubricant. transparent without lubricants = dry cylindrically modelled with reservoir nominal width:...


Fair Squared Fair Squared Ultra Thin Condoms 10's

Fair Squared Ultra Thin Condoms 10's

Fair Squared Ultra Thin condoms - thinner for increased sensation. Made with especially thin latex and designed to give a heightened sensation and a...


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