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Soaps & Hand Washes

We have a delightful choice of soaps, from Honesty and Calder Valley Soap Co. We also have liquid Hand Wash in fragrance free and scented varieties.

HONESTY SOAPS are gentle and long lasting. These translucent vegetable glycerine soap bars are preservative free and contain only natural plant colours. Bars are approximately 100g – the bars are hand cut, so sizes may vary slightly. There are now eight varieties to complement different Honesty products. Available individually or in a multi pack of six different bars.
There are two Honesty luxury soaps. These come in larger 150g bars and have scents to match the Essential range Body Creams.

CALDER VALLEY SOAPS are hand made in Yorkshire. The low temperature method of manufacture involves a saponification method which is energy efficient and waste free. The bars contain no preservatives or artificial colours and include herbs, spices, flowers and natural oils. They are approximately 80g each - again they are hand cut, so sizes will vary slightly. There are twelve different flavours and are available individually or in boxes.

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