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D:tox Skin Care

Toxins lost. Skin purity found - premium body care products that feature skin purifying volcanic ash, activated charcoal, and super-antioxidants acai and goji berry


Manufacturer Product Image Item Name Price
Giovanni D:tox Purifying Body Scrub 170g

D:tox Purifying Body Scrub 170g

Giovanni D:tox purifying, exfoliant Body Scrub to polish impurities and excess oils from skin, leaving behind smooth skin that is prepped for maximum...


Giovanni D:tox Purifying Body Bar 150g

D:tox Purifying Body Bar 150g

Purity comes from deep within skin with triple milled D:tox System purifying body bar. Super-cleansing activated charcoal and volcanic ash lift...


Giovanni D:tox Facial Mask 113g

D:tox Facial Mask 113g

To keep skin at its most pure, you need this deep detoxifying mask. Volcanic ash works to extract and absorb pollutants while activated charcoal...


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