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'Plus' All Purpose Mineral Cleaner 300g

'Plus' All Purpose Mineral Cleaner 300g


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Category: E-Cloths

'Plus' natural, biodegradable, mineral cleaner is great at removing grease, stains and stubborn dirt.

It cleans and polishes almost any surface, and leaves a sparkling finish on stainless steel, acrylic, ceramics, glass, plastic, painted wood, chrome, silver, brass and all other metals.


It's many uses include;

  • in the kitchen, on stainless steel, enamel, ceramic hobs, sinks, pots and pans
  • in the bathroom on baths, shower trays, toilets, tiles and glass
  • on radiators and windows
  • on BBQs and garden furniture
  • on cars, caravans and boats
  • for cleaning trainers


'Plus' All Purpose Cleaner comes with a sponge and a general purpose E-Cloth.

Easy to use - apply the cleaner on the dampened sponge to create a foam, then use the E-Cloth to remove the loosened dirt, leaving surfaces sparkling.

  • Shipping Weight: 0.5Kilos
  • Manufactured by: E-Cloth

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