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Bio D Home & Garden Sanitiser 750ml

Bio D Home & Garden Sanitiser 750ml


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(Formerly called Disinfectant). A versatile, concentrated general purpose Disinfectant with ecological cleaning formula that effectively removes the “bio-film” where bacteria accumulates and multiply.

This gentle & effective product contains no petro-chemical ingredients.

The concentrated formula is economical to use;

For light soiling (work surfaces etc) use 1 part disinfectant to 10 parts water.

For medium soiling (floors and sinks etc) use 1 part disinfectant to 5 parts water.

For heavy soiling (drains and odours) use neat.


Helps keep kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, floors, drains, cat litter trays etc. hygenically clean and fresh.

Cleans, disinfects and neutralises odours.

Use on patios, paths, decking, driveways, greenhouses, water butts, waste bins, sinks and drains.

Made with eucalyptus oil, which has antiseptic properties, and gives a clean fresh scent.


  vegan society cruelty free


Aqua, Eucalyptus Globulus, Amphoteric Surfactant, Non-Ionic Surfactant.


Now in brand new packaging, which is produced from 100% UK post-consumer waste.

As concern over plastic packaging grows, Bio D wanted to find a way to reduce their impact on the amount of plastic entering the supply chain and ultimately ending in landfill or the oceans. This new material is produced from bottles that have been recycled in the UK and is also 100% recyclable.

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  • Manufactured by: Bio-D

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