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E-Cloth Glass/Polishing Cloth

E-Cloth Glass/Polishing Cloth


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Category: E-Cloths

This cloth will give the ultimate finish to appliances, shiny surfaces and glass, as well as being effective at all light cleaning. It absorbs moisture fast and flash-dries to a streak-free finish.

The Glass & Polishing Cloth’s specialist fibre construction and weave increase the speed at which moisture is absorbed, to remove light grease and finger marks from glass and all shiny surfaces, to leave them completely streak-free. It will easily outperform specialist liquid cleaners on surfaces like chrome and glass.


The Glass/Polishing cloth is ideal for polishing glass, mirrors, chrome and shiny surfaces.

For best results, spray water on the surface (or wipe with a damp General Purpose E-Cloth), then wipe with the Glass/Polishing Cloth for a streak free finish.

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  • Manufactured by: E-Cloth

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