Daniel Field Natural Hair Colour


Daniel Field Water Colour has never contained ammonia, hydrogen peroxide or alcohol. Now, through continuous research to improve & maintain the highest specifications, the availability of even more advanced ingredients means we are able to bring you a revolutionary formula, free from phenylenediamine (ppd).

Unique to Daniel Field, this advanced formula does the same job as before but statistically it is even healthier & has less potential to trigger allergic reaction in those who have intolerance to certain substances.

As before, the hair cuticle is penetrated without disturbing the hair’s structure or integrity. The result is long lasting natural textures and enriched colour leaving your hair healthy, shiny, silky & more manageable.

Today we live in a society better educated in health issues. More than 25 years ago Daniel set out to meet & maintain the challenge of creating the world’s gentlest, safest, purest & most natural looking colours. Water Colour achieves up to 100% grey coverage without the use of damaging chemicals. Ingredients have been monitered from the outset to keep abrest with scientific developments, ensuring that Water Colour continues to be unique.

For futher information on how to use, techniques to ensure good coverage and ingredients list, please click here to open a new window with more details.


You will receive – Natural Colours Powder (7-8gm dependent on shade), Natural Colours Applicator Bottle/Nozzle – one per order (see below), Plastic Gloves and Cap – per colour, Instruction leaflet

Please note – the plastic mixing bottle is reusable, so to save wasting plastic we only send one mixing bottle per order. If you do require extra mixing bottles (e.g. if you are ordering for more than one person), please state when ordering.

As we like to save plastic, if you do not require a new mixing bottle please let us know.


Important Note on Colour Choice
Because these colours do not contain hydrogen peroxide, ammonia or alcohol, they will not lighten your hair. Any colour samples shown indicate the approximate shade when applied to white hair. The advice we would give to customers using these shades for the first time is that these colours come up about a shade darker than any other make of colour so it is always a good idea to choose a shade from the colour chart which is lighter than you think you are or want to be – even if you have never coloured your hair before start with a lighter shade as you can always go darker next time if you need to.


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