Scented Candles

Dolma Cruelty Free Vegan Candles only use natural soya wax which is not only good for the environment but, unlike paraffin wax, good for you too! The unique combination of wax and oils is crafted to give some of the longest and cleanest burn times around.

The wicks have been specially developed to optimise the burn of the candles so that no wax should be left in your glass when it has burnt all the way to the bottom. As the natural wax Dolma use burns at a lower temperature to other waxes, it gives a much better fragrance release as the fragrances are not burnt off quickly.

With every candle being handmade from start to finish, you can be sure of the best quality product, 

With soya wax being grown rather than extracted from oil, there is no harm done to the environment as once the soya has been harvested more can simply be grown.

Unlike some other candle companies, Dolma do not exaggerate burn times, the time said is the very minimum you will get, with 99.9% of the candles burning for a lot longer.

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