Friendly Soap

Friendly Soap is a sustainable, top quality and affordable luxury natural soap. Bars come with a delicate array of fragrances and a silky smooth lather.

Friendly Soaps are kind, gentle and naturally moisturising, even for those with the most sensitive  skin.

The soaps are Friendly because….

Bars are made using the traditional Cold Process method of soap making. This not only generates zero by-products, but also allows Friendly Soap to carefully choose every ingredient and make soap that is Earth friendly, Animal friendly and Skin friendly.
Manufacturing uses as little energy as possible throughout production, pouring, cutting, stamping and packing every bar of soap using human power alone.
Bars contain carefully choose natural oils such as Coconut, Olive, Shea, Cocoa and Castor for their beneficial properties. Friendly Soaps only use essential oils, flowers, spices and herbs to scent, colour and gently exfoliate. That’s it. Nothing else.
Friendly Soaps are totally opposed to using harmful preservatives or foaming agents. The incredible silky smooth lather the bars produce, and their long life are completely down to the cold process method and the careful choice of ingredients.
Friendly Soaps are Palm Oil free. So you know they don’t harm the rainforest or its orangutans.

Friendly Soaps are individually boxed bars.

A range of accessories to complement Friendly Soaps are also available.


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