Organii Purifying Products

ORGANii Purifying Products have been created to offer the choice of everyday, ethical, organic toiletries whilst being mindful of the whole family.

Organii Purifying Hand Gel is made with 60% natural alcohol, organic aloe vera and organic tea tree. It has a non-drying formula, and leaves your hands feeling clean, smooth and silky soft. The natural hand sanitiser is perfect for cleaning hands and removing germs when you are out and about, and where no fresh water is available.

Organii Purifying Surface Spray is perfect for sanitising surfaces such as shopping trolley handles, ATM surfaces, toilet seats, door handles, hand rails, tables, toys, high chairs and other small areas. The 75ml size is small enough to pop into your bag for on-the-go cleaning.

Organii Purifying Products are certified vegan and cruelty free.

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